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IP Support Services for Law Firms

Allconus is a seamless extension of your IP legal practice!  We offer a complete range of support services from patent searches to product prototyping.

Why should you choose Allconus?

Our patent support team at Allconus is led by a former USPTO patent examiner who personally reviews all work, giving our clients the advantage of an Examiner’s unique perspective right from the start!

Patentability & Analysis

Before you file a design or utility patent application for a client, we highly recommend getting a comprehensive, professional patent search.  Led by a former USPTO examiner, the patent experts at Allconus bring up-to-date knowledge to your search, including familiarity with Patent Office policies and procedures, deep understanding of eligibility for patent requirements, and the wealth of experience needed to critically analyze the key aspects of the invention-at-hand against the prior art.

 Our patent search services can also provide you, the attorney, with valuable insight to help guide you in formulating your application strategy, so you can provide your client with best-in-class representation.  Put Allconus to work for you!  Our effective search strategies will pinpoint the most pertinent prior art for your client’s specific invention or design.

We provide search support for U.S. patents and publications, international patents, and non-patent literature.  Our full range of search services are scalable by budget and jurisdiction, and include:


Design Patent Searches

Ascertain whether an ornamental design is original or not with an efficient and comprehensive design patent search.  Minimize back-and-forth with the USPTO by consulting the most pertinent references before filing.  We offer U.S., Foreign, and Non-Patent Literature patentability searches as well as professional search analysis.  Design patent searches begin at $250.  You also have the option to add a professional analysis, starting at $195 for up to three references.

utility patent searches

Using state-of-the-art software, our experienced professionals research prior art and identify anything that might pose patentability issues.  Maximize your clients’ patent protection!  As with design patent searches, we offer U.S., Foreign, and Non-Patent Literature patentability searches as well as professional search analysis.  Utility patent searches start at $495.  You also have the option to add a professional analysis, starting at $295 for up to three references.

Reference Analysis

Whether you need a fresh perspective on search results you already have, or you don’t have the bandwidth to do a full analysis on your own, we’ve got you covered.  Our experienced patent team can provide a thorough reference examination and analysis tailored to your needs.  Available options include a comparison of claim language to prior art, and patentability opinions based upon our analysis of the references in a search report.  A la carte Reference Analysis services begin at $145 per reference.

Patent Claim Proofreading and Compliance Review

Reduce the hassle of back-and-forth with the USPTO — and save your client time and money — by getting a pre-examination review of the proposed patent claim.  Our Senior Patent Analyst (formerly a USPTO examiner) will review your drafted claims and highlight potential issues that an examiner might bring up during prosecution, such as any 35 U.S.C. 101 or 112 issues.  Patent Claim Proofreading and Compliance Review starts at $50 per independent claim.

Freedom-to-Operate Searches

When one of your clients is preparing to bring a product to market, a Freedom-to-Operate search identifies competitors in the market and ensures that your client won’t be infringing on another’s intellectual property rights.  Allconus product research is reasonably priced and designed to seamlessly complement your IP law practice. 

All our searches are manually performed and followed up with a thorough evaluation.  We are highly knowledgeable in IP analysis with respect to understanding claim scope, and tailor our searches so that you and your clients get precisely the pertinent information you need.  After the relevant patents have been identified, we can provide supporting perspective to assist you with formulating a Freedom-to-Operate opinion for your client.  Contact us today for a quote!

Freedom to operate searches start at $1995

Expert Patent Valuation Services

Understanding the value of a patent is critical – it does not make good business sense to own a patent that will not provide a suitable potential return.  In a technical sense, patents are the most complex of the different types of intellectual property.  Comprehending the patented technology is paramount in providing an accurate patent valuation.  However, few IP valuation firms can deliver on this element.  At Allconus, we work with a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) with decades of experience in the IP legal field.  You can rest assured that our team is equipped to expertly handle all your patent valuation needs. 

 We take a high-level approach to patent valuation and thoroughly consider all the factors that affect a patent’s value.  This includes a thorough examination to ensure a proper understanding of the invention and the scope of the patent.  Additionally, our patent professionals stay current with evolving patent law to maintain up-to-date awareness of any possible impact on patent value.  Want to learn more about our patent valuation services?  Contact us today to see how we can help!

Product Development: Virtual and Physical Prototyping

For your clients, finding a reliable company to help develop their product can be challenging.  They might even reach out to you for advice on who to work with.  Rest assured, Allconus has you covered with a comprehensive range of product development services.  Our services include design and engineering, virtual and physical prototyping, and manufacturing.  We understand that, as an attorney or law firm, you maintain a strong reputation for excellence, and we hold ourselves and our network of partners to those same high standards.

 If your client isn’t quite sure how they want to move forward, that’s no problem, either.  We can assist them with scheduling a Strategic Consultation with an industry expert to analyze their specific needs and pair them with a product development partner that delivers cost-efficient and streamlined services.

Trademark Search & Analysis Support

We offer quality, affordable support for your Trademark Law practice!  With a quick 2-business-day turnaround, the Allconus Trademarks team runs dozens of trademark searches each week for law firms nationwide.  You can choose to receive comprehensive search results only, or add a trademark specialist’s written analysis.  The analysis looks at marks that pose a risk, along with full records for such marks and the analyst’s opinion.

  • Comprehensive Trademark Search — $100
  • Comprehensive Trademark Search & Analysis — $250
  • International Trademark Search & Analysis


What our clients have to say!

“Allconus paralegals have been a game-changer for my firm. I use them to draft discovery responses and coordinate with my clients as needed. Recommend 100%!”

D. L., Partner

“I use Allconus to host all my virtual mediations. They handle all the logistics from hosting to tech support to break rooms, so I can be confident things will run smoothly.”

R. K., Senior Associate Attorney

“Our firm was looking to bring on a highly experienced partner. It is a big challenge finding both the legal skills and cultural fit in the law community. The recruiters at Allconus listened to what we said, conducted some great diligence, and ultimately, brought us a winner.  We made a hire early this year and couldn’t be happier. We will definitely use Allconus again.”

T.M.D., Partner

“Allconus always comes through for me, whether it’s a big or small project.”

J. C. K., Solo Attorney

“The highly-trained paralegals at Allconus have helped me catch up on a backlog of work. They also have contacts for the best vendors for e-discovery, translations, you name it.”

G. L., Partner

“My firm has grown from 2 attorneys to a team of 11. Allconus helped us put together policies in an employee handbook and streamline our internal processes to maximize efficiency.”

J. W., Partner

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