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Virtual Deposition/ Arbitration/ Courtroom Hosting

  • Virtual conferencing platform
  • A dedicated operator to host and provide tech support
  • Managed break rooms to ensure confidentiality
  • Court Reporter coordination available as an add-on

We facilitate and support virtual motions, hearings, court proceedings, mediation, & arbitration!

Hourly Rate


Full Day Rate (9am-5pm)


After Hours Hourly (5pm-8pm)


*Cancellations must be provided more than 24 hours ahead of scheduled service, or a $100 cancellation fee will be applied.

Virtual Paralegal Assistance

Attorneys who utilize Allconus virtual paralegal support realize significant savings over the traditional employee staffing model. Our experienced paralegals are all located here in the United States, have extensive law firm experience, and are equipped to do client-facing work on your behalf. Don’t risk your hard-earned reputation on overseas providers who may not be fluent in English or bound by ABA ethics standards.

Allconus as-needed paralegal support allows you can control costs and increase revenues while securing the competitive advantage of high-quality US-based support. Enjoy the flexibility of scaling your team support to exactly what you need at any given time. Contact us today to procure the ideal paralegal support for your needs.

Available services include:

  • Discovery support (drafting request and responses, coordinating with clients to obtain information and documents)
  • Document support (drafting, formatting, proofreading, bates stamping)
  • And more!

Hourly rate: $80

Need ongoing support? Take advantage of our discounted pre-paid 3-month subscription packages:

3-month Virtual Paralegal packages guarantee dedicated support each month at a reduced rate! Any additional hours needed beyond the 10 per month are billed at the discounted rate.

Paralegal Subscription Package 1

This package provides you with a total of 30 hours of support (10 hours a month for three months) at 10% off (save $240!). Any additional hours needed beyond the 10 hours per month are billed at a discounted rate of $72/hour.

3-month package for 10 hours/month: $2160.

Paralegal Subscription Package 2

This package provides you with a total of 60 hours of support (20 hours a month for three months) at 15% off (save $720!). Any additional hours needed beyond the 20 hours per month are billed at a discounted rate of $68/hour.

3-month package for 20 hours/month: $4080.

Third-Party Vendor Coordination.

When you need third-party services, don’t just go to google and hope for the best. Allconus has carefully identified the best vendors all across the country to develop an elite network you can trust. Your clients (and your law firm’s financial success) depend on you devoting your time to your casework. Tell Allconus what you need, and we’ll handle all the coordination logistics so there is no hassle for you.

Third-party coordination is an extension of our virtual paralegal services. We do not mark up vendor rates, so your only charge from Allconus is for the time it takes us to set up and confirm your order.

legal service

Process servers & Couriers – Whether you need service of process in Kansas or a courier in Virginia, you can rest assured that Allconus has it covered. Our trusted nationwide network offers timely process services, court filings, and court record retrievals at a reasonable price. Send the job to us, and we take care of it for you. Rush services available; email or call for information! Please note that many vendors charge a cancellation fee for all cancelled orders.

E-Discovery & Document Sorting – We partner with an elite e-discovery provider that gives you options. You can utilize their high-end search tools yourself or opt for specialized technician support for processing and forensics. Attorney document review services are also available.

Website Development & Support – We partner with an US-based provider experienced in developing and hosting cutting-edge law firm websites at an affordable price point. A well-designed website can be the difference between a successful law firm and one that does not survive. Contact us today to take your firm’s brand to the next level.

Translations – Allconus preferred network includes best-in-class legal translators to provide you with certified work you can trust in more than 50 languages. We work exclusively with specialist who are experienced with legal language in their native tongue and can translate agreements, contracts, police reports, court testimony, legal briefs, discovery documents, and more. Expedited services available!


What our clients have to say!

“Allconus paralegals have been a game-changer for my firm. I use them to draft discovery responses and coordinate with my clients as needed. Recommend 100%!”

D. L., Partner

“I use Allconus to host all my virtual mediations. They handle all the logistics from hosting to tech support to break rooms, so I can be confident things will run smoothly.”

R. K., Senior Associate Attorney

“Our firm was looking to bring on a highly experienced partner. It is a big challenge finding both the legal skills and cultural fit in the law community. The recruiters at Allconus listened to what we said, conducted some great diligence, and ultimately, brought us a winner.  We made a hire early this year and couldn’t be happier. We will definitely use Allconus again.”

T.M.D., Partner

“Allconus always comes through for me, whether it’s a big or small project.”

J. C. K., Solo Attorney

“The highly-trained paralegals at Allconus have helped me catch up on a backlog of work. They also have contacts for the best vendors for e-discovery, translations, you name it.”

G. L., Partner

“My firm has grown from 2 attorneys to a team of 11. Allconus helped us put together policies in an employee handbook and streamline our internal processes to maximize efficiency.”

J. W., Partner

Whatever your outsourced need, we've got you covered​.​

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